Terms and Conditions - Photo safari - Boat excursion

  1. By purchasing an activity ticket from the agency offer, the participant accepts the risk that brings adventure activity as well as an outdoor activity.
  2. Photo safari program is also open to individuals. In such case coordination with other group is necessary.
  3. Each participant is expected to meet physiologic requirements for the selected tour.
  4. Individuals under influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted to participate on the tour.
  5. The rules of conduct on the boat will be announced by guide.
  6. The guide is entitled to change the tour program if the circumstances call for higher safety procedures – such in cases of bad weather.
  7. Injuries or damages of any kind should be reported to the guide
  8. Swimming and jumping from the waterfall at your own risk
  9. The exact duration of the tour can not be always estimated. The indicate times are only approximations.
  10. Participations of the children under 15 years of age is only allowed under parents or legal guardian.