Terms and Conditions - Canoe safari / rafting

  1. By purchasing an activity ticket from the agency’s offer, the participant accepts the risk that brings adventure activity as well as an outdoor activity.
  2. Rafting program is also open to individuals. In such case coordination with other group is necessary.
  3. Each participant is expected to meet physiologic requirements and have cognitive abilities for the selected tour. These are describes in detail in program catalog.
  4. Individuals under influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted to participate on the tour.
  5. Each participate is fully aware that he or she is taking part in an active adventure, which does not provide the comfort and safety of a conventional package.
  6. The tour is conducted by certified rafting guides. The equipment meets the newest safety standards. All rafting tours are precisely planed and prepared In advance. The rules of conduct are announced before each tour.
    However it is impossible to exclude all the risks, and thus the tour agency Is not responsible for any potential accident. Children under 15 can only participate under guidance of the parents or the legal guardians or in allowed cases under the guidance of the tour guide. The tour agency is not responsible for any loss or damages, which can result from tour activities.
  7. All participants are required to follow safety directions that are given by rafting guides. The participants are expected to engage in the tour actively and work us a team.
  8. The rafting guide has the right to exclude any participant who is not fulfilling the requirements of the tour. The rafting guide is also entitled to change the tour program if the circumstances call for higher safety procedures ‐ such in cases of bad weather or inadequate performance of the participants. Under such circumstances tour agency has the full right to change the tour contract.
  9. Injuries or damages any kind should be reported to the rafting guides.
  10. The exact duration of the tour can not be always estimated. The indicated times are only approximations.
  11. The tour agency is not responsible for any extensions limitations of the tour duration.
  12. The tour agency is not responsible for any accident or damages that can result from transportation to the tour sites in private vehicles.
  13. Participation of the children under age 15 is only allowed under parents or legal guardian or in some cases under guidance of tour guide. Basic swimming abilities are required.
  14.  During the rafting tour each participant is obligated to keep the helmets strap and the swim west belt tied and properly locked. Each participant must wear the provided gear. Acting not In accordance with these rules can result in exclusion from the tour.
  15. Rock jumping in the canyon is not part of the program and will only take place at the participant’s own responsibility, the same goes for swimming at the end of the rafting trail (in the Muškovci area). By Volunteer jumping in the places mentioned above, it is important to follow detailed instructions given by the guide.
  16. Each participant should be careful not to distance himself from the other participants and always paddle in the group. If it is impossible to maintain this, then the rest of the group should stop and wait in certain places