Team building - River and mountain adventure

Program description

Our specialty is one-day excursions and multi-day tours in the area of the river Zrmanja, Krupa and Novigrad. We work exclusively with small groups, which allows us an individual approach to each guest. Our experienced guides will do their best to make your stay in this part of Croatia unforgettable.

We offer you the possibility of organizing team building in which you choose which of the offered options best suits your wishes.

Zrmanja, hidden by an inaccessible canyon, hides its turquoise color and beautiful travertine waterfalls. This river is truly one of the Croatian gems. Although Zrmanja is called the river of six canyons, the most interesting for adventurers is the one that stretches from the village of Kastel Zegarski to the village of Muskovci. Namely, this part of 12 kilometers abounds in rapids and waterfalls that stretch through the canyon and leave everyone breathless.

Halfway between Kaštela Žegarski and Muškovac in Zrmanja flows the river Krupa, a river unknown to many. Although in Zrmanja’s shadow, Krupa offers its visitors a lot of diversity of karst phenomena and a real oasis of greenery. Krupa is rich in travertine barriers and waterfalls, so it does not carry out activities on the water so as not to damage sensitive tufa, but it is very attractive trekking through the Krupa canyon, which leaves no one indifferent. Visitors to the canyon can bathe in the drinking and cool water of the Krupa River and pass through the Kuda Bridge made entirely of dry stone walls that have withstood the weather and torrents since the end of the 18th century.

Krupa ends its journey in the river Zrmanja and together they form Visoki buk, a beautiful waterfall 10 meters high. This waterfall announces the wild side of Zrmanja, full of small waterfalls and rapids that raise the adrenaline of every visitor. Arriving in the village of Muskovci, tourists can relax in one of the rural households that offer homemade food in an indigenous environment.

Novigrad is a well-hidden gem. This historic Dalmatian town is located in the southern part of the Novigrad Sea, in a long, narrow bay at the foot of Velebit. Built in the shape of a trapezoid and surrounded by the remains of walls that descend from the old fortress to the sea, Novigrad is a place where you can truly relax and unwind.


On request.

If you are interested in team building in this area and want to experience all the beauties of Zrmanja, Krupa and Novigrad, send us an inquiry so that together we can choose the trip that will best suit you and your colleagues.